Where will I be 12 months from now?

All the advice says to make a business plan; think about where your business is heading and how you’re going to get there. But is it really that important?

Victoria Grant – VA Services has been one existence for just over 12 months. I’ve learnt a lot. I’ve made mistakes. I’ve had successes (some accidental!). I’ve gone through periods of loving it, and periods where I’ve lacked motivation. All of this has led me to believe that yes, forward planning is important.

At the start of this year, I gave some serious thought to where I want to be in 12 months. I want my business to adapt and develop, but I still want to be providing a high quality service to all of my clients; and leave them feeling that hiring a VA was the best decision of their lives.

Goal setting and business planning can seem like a big and overwhelming prospect. It’s true, it is important but it doesn’t have to be scary. Set yourself some time aside to just get it done. Think about where you want to be, and what you want your business to achieve 12 months from now.

Next, work out 4 key milestones that will move you towards that 12 month goal. These can form your goals for each quarter. Now you can write a 90 day plan to help you achieve each of these milestones. Breaking that big goal down can make it seem less daunting, but also helps in giving you small, manageable steps to move you towards success.

Where will you be 12 months from now?

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