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Small Habits that can save you hours of time

Everyone is trying to get the very most out of their time. We want to use it to its full potential and get more done. So, if you want to be even more productive there are a couple of small habits that once you’ve got nailed down could end up saving you lots of time!

  1. If you’re easily distracted by social media or WhatsApp, make a habit of logging out or switching off your notifications using Do not disturb. Distracted work takes at least twice as long as clearly focused work.
  2. Prepare for meetings – this could be as simple as sending participants the agenda of the meeting beforehand, so everyone is on the same page and knows what is going to be discussed.
  3. Likewise, follow up after a meeting with any expectations you have of participants. This extra 5 minutes after a meeting writing a couple of confirmation emails could save you hours of hassle later when someone hasn’t understood their involvement in the original meeting.
  4. Try and clear your desk of any clutter at the end of each day. Having a clear and organised workspace will vastly improve productivity and you won’t be wasting time trying to find things!
  5. Create habits for charging devices. This can include phones, cameras, laptops, power banks, the list is endless! But if you come to use a device and it’s flat you could find yourself wasting time waiting for something to charge up!

As you can see, implementing small habits like these can soon add up to saving hours of your time which can be reinvested into your business or even treat yourself to some time off!

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