Facebook – profiles, pages and groups?

Do you ever get confused between Facebook profiles, pages and groups?

This article should explain it all!


  • This is your personal profile.
  • You can invite friends to connect with and add you as a friend.
  • A profile should be set up by a real, individual person – businesses should not set up a profile.
  • You can control the privacy settings so that only ‘friends’ can view your status updates.
  • In order to create pages or groups you will need a personal profile.


  • Pages are for businesses, and you invite people to like your page.
  • This is your official ‘shop window’ for your business on Facebook.
  • Anyone can view and like pages.
  • Payment can be made to promote posts.


  • This is a community that you can invite members to be part of.
  • You can manage who is allowed in the group.
  • Open, closed and secret groups are all options.
  • Group rules can be created.

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