What are the top social media mistakes?

Is your social media performing? Are you trying everything, but still not getting the results you want? Are you ready to throw in the towel and give up on social media completely?

Here’s a list of social media mistakes you might be making:

You’re not posting enough – consistent posting will be rewarded. Set yourself a realistic target, maybe three times a week, and plan your content around that.

You are posting too much – yes, it’s possible to post too much if what you are posting is drivel. Go for quality or quantity. Make sure that what you post adds value to your audience and entices them to engage.

You don’t engage with your audience – it’s great to put content out there, but if you never go back and look at who’s commenting on it, acknowledging those who are engaging and answering any questions, then you’ll lose your audience very quickly.

Your visuals aren’t engaging – the first things people see are your visuals. If they aren’t eye catching people will scroll right past. Try and use a strong, clear image. If you can get your brands colour pallet in there, then even better.

You assume your audience is everyone – it’s really not! Try to work out who your ideal client is and then produce your content just for them.

How many of these mistakes were you making? What will you be changing?

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