How to choose the right Virtual Assistant for you

The term Virtual Assistant is a broad one and the scope of what a Virtual Assistant can do varies depending on which Virtual Assistant you choose. It’s important that you choose the right VA for you and for the needs of your business. It helps if it is someone that also shares your values and you get along with as you’re like to be working closely. In this blog we will explore how to choose the right VA so that you can have a valuable and long lasting partnership.

Experience in Your Sector

It really helps to have someone that can understand what you do quickly. Using a VA that already has some experience in your sector means that they are already likely to have an idea of the work-flows and systems and processes that you use or need to establish. They may also be able to make suggestions on what might work best for you, based on their experience.

Skills and Expertise

If you have given some through to the tasks that you would like to outsource and delegate to your new VA, it’s important that you make sure that any VA you are considering has skills and expertise in those areas. You want high calibre people working in your business so make sure your VA is suited to the tasks you want them to do.

Do You Like Them?

Skills and expertise are important but you also need to be able to get on with your Virtual Assistant and feel that you have a rapport with them, so looking for someone with similar values is important. You should get a good feel for whether you can work together during the discovery call.

Check references and recommendations

Check their references and recommendations from previous customers to ensure that they have the experience in the tasks that you hiring them for and see how their previous clients felt about their work. In the same way as you would request references for a new employee, do your due diligence before starting with a Virtual Assistant.

Choosing a VA is not as easy as it might at first appear but with some careful consideration you can find someone who is right for you.

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