What to post on Instagram

You know posting to social media is important. You know posting consistently is important. But sometimes it’s really, really hard to know what to post. You worry that all your posts sound the same. You are afraid of being too sale-sy. You are convinced you are coming across as bland.

I get it! Sometimes it’s hard to know what to post. Here are some suggestions of what to post on Instagram to keep your content flowing.

  1. Product highlights – are you showcasing your products? Take some beautiful pictures of your products and spend some time explaining them and what the benefit of using them is.
  2. What you’re having for lunch – it might sound trivial, but it gives an insight into you as a person. You could also invite engagement by asking what your followers are having.
  3. A ‘behind the scenes’ reel – reels can seem a scary place, but they add a different kind of content, and can also reach a new audience, so it’s worthwhile learning how to make and IG reel. Some behind the scenes content works really well for reels. Show how your product is made, or the packaging process, or your walk to the post office.
  4. Quotes – there are loads of quotes out there. Choose one that resonates with your brand, create a nice asset and post it!
  5. Do a poll – this is a great way to get follower engagement and also find out information that might be useful to your business. Post a this or that question. Perhaps you are thinking of launching a new product, this would be a good way to find out if people are interested.
  6. A photo of you – social media is saturated with products for people to buy. What makes yours different and unique? The answer is that it comes from you. Share with your audience a little of who you are, and let them build connections with you; rather than just your product.
  7. Client reviews/testimonials – what better way to sell your product than to share how good other people think it is? Be proud and get sharing!

Hopefully these suggestions will free up some of your writer’s block and you can fill up your grid with some fresh new content!

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