How to get the right clients and stand out from the crowd

A business with the right clients is a business that will thrive but finding those right clients isn’t always easy, so how do you do it?

The market is not saturated

Market saturation is often cited as the reason why many businesses aren’t getting new clients or gaining sales. The market may well be busy, very busy, but you need to concentrate your efforts on connecting with the right clients for you; those that need your products or services.

Be authentic

The thing that makes your business unique is you. Show people why they can trust you. This might be through you appearing on your social channels, the tone of voice you use, or getting out and meeting people face to face. Whatever it is, stay true to you and be authentic.

Base your marketing around your ideal client

What are the biggest pain point for your ideal client and how will you help them with that? Show them how you can provide a solution…but you don’t have to talk business 100% of the time. People buy from people!

Deliver incredible service for your clients

This does not mean that you don’t have any boundaries and you bend over backwards for whatever the client wants (however unreasonable). What it means is that you will deliver what you promised, you will keep communication open, and you may even factor in a bit of surprise and delight for your client along the way.

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