The process of processes in a small business

A process in business is all the steps it takes to complete a task that needs to be done more than once. In order to complete these tasks in the most efficient way possible, ensure all customers are being dealt with in the same way and to cut down on hours of staff training, a good process, and a way of communicating this process is imperative. This blog gives you an insight into identifying processes that might be needed in your business, how to design the process, how to document it and then, most importantly, how to review and improve it.

Identifying the process

Think about all the things you do in your business. Which of those things need to be repeated more than once in more or less the same way? That task is something you could create a process for and that will save you time and ensure that the task is carried out in the same way no matter which member of your team is completing it.

Mapping the process

Once you’ve identified which processes you’d like to establish then it’s time to start mapping out your process. Here you need to list all the steps it takes to complete the task, and who is responsible for completing each one. No step is too small, include everything as this will help ensure that nothing is missed.

Documenting the process

Now that you have your process mapped out, you need to document it in some way so that it can be followed by your entire team, and is also a handy training document if you take on new team members. Think about the best way for those that need to engage with your process to access it. You might produce a document which outlines each step of the process, showing screen shots that you put in a shared file where those that need to access it can. Alternatively, you could record a video of you completing the step in the process so that it can be seen exactly what needs doing and how.

Improving processes

When you have been using the process for a while do take some time to evaluate it. Does it work for every member of your team? Can the process be streamlined any more? Does anything need to be adapted or changed?

Processes are important to make things run as efficiently as possible. As business owners we want to be as productive as possible so taking the time to set up good processes will make things easier in the long run.

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