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Empowering Women: How Kirsty Utilises Virtual Assistance to Boost Business Growth

Kirsty is the face behind a coaching company who specialise in helping women grow their strength and confidence both physically and mentally. Kirsty’s passion is designing a bespoke programme to help create long-term lifestyle changes without the use of ‘fad’ diets, restrictive calories, excessive cardio or quick fixes!

So, as I’m sure you can guess Kirsty is a very busy business woman, and some of the most niggly admin tasks can be neglected when she’s had a very busy day face-to-face with her clients. So that’s where Katherine here at Victoria Grant – VA Services, comes in to help and support Kirsty keep on top of those tasks!

When you have your discovery call, we’ll discuss your needs and we’ll perfectly match you up with a VA who has an expert skillset suited to your business! For Kirsty this includes tasks like website management, keeping on top of clients records and making sure they’re up to date and creating content for use across social media and email marketing.

So, this extra support means that Kirsty can forget about those annoying tasks building up meaning she has more time to focus on the important things like promoting growth and developing her business with new qualifications.

So how about you click below to book in for a no obligation discovery call with us to find out just how much we can help support you with your business goals!

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