Someday is not a day of the week. Productivity: Does it have to be you?

If you’ve followed this short blog series, you’ll already be feeling so much more organised as you will have taken practical action to being more productive. If you haven’t followed the series I recommend you go back and have a look at doing a brain dump and then time- blocking before you move on to this final tip.

My final tip is about self-care. That might seem a bit strange when we’re talking about business but it’s all interlinked, especially if you are your business. Self-care will look different for each of us. Some of us will need to walk every day, others like a hard session at the gym. Some of us read for pleasure, whilst others want to sit for hours binge watching the latest Netflix series. Some of us want to meet with friends, others will want to retreat and be on their own. Think about what nourishes ups and brings you energy. Is it catching up with friends, going for a run, doing a craft, making sure you’ve got enough sleep? Whatever it is, make sure you prioritise these things.

If some self-care things came up in your brain dump list, what have you done with them? Have you added them to your to-do list or as an appointment in your diary? You can even use your time blocking technique to protect time for your self-care every day, so you make sure you can do it with no interruptions. Whatever way you need to do it, just make sure self-care gets the prioritisation it needs.

One of the best ways I’ve found for self-care is to actually outsource some of the tasks in my business to others. This means that I know that those parts are being taken care of by experts in that area, and also frees up my time to switch off from work and look after myself.

If you’d like to discuss outsourcing to a Virtual Assistant then do get in touch with me as I’d happily talk you through how it might help you.

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