Nurturing Exceptional Team Synergy In The Virtual World

In a world where the office is no longer just a physical space but a virtual realm of video calls and workspaces, building a strong team dynamic can be a bit of a challenge. But no worries, because with a little creative thinking you can turn a remote team into masters of collaboration! So let’s jump into some of our top tips on how to develop those bonds!

Embrace the virtual water cooler:

Often in-person teams develop chat around the water cooler or the kitchen whilst making a brew. So set up a dedicated channel on your communication platform especially for non-work-related conversations. Share weekend plans, discuss the latest binge worthy box set or exchange cute pet pics! This helps recreate the informal, spontaneous conversation that happens in a traditional office setting. 

Get creative with virtual team building activities:

Just because you’re not physically together doesn’t mean you can’t take part in fun team building activities! Schedule a trivia quiz, friendly competition or even take part in a virtual escape room! All these activities not only break up the loneliness and monotony that can come from working at home but also can strengthen the bonds between team members.

Schedule a virtual coffee/cake/wine break:

Recreate the casual encounters of grabbing a drink by scheduling virtual breaks and allow team members to chat about anything other than work promoting more personal connections. It’s a great way to check in on each other and build relationships beyond the confines of work-related discussions.

Celebrate all the wins, Big and Small:

Whatever the size of the win, celebrate achievements together. Create a culture of recognition by giving shout outs during team meetings. 

Establish clear communication norms:

Unlike an office where people’s time boundaries are clear and physically there, it is essential to establish clear communication norms. Set expectations for response times, choose communication channels wisely and encourage open dialogue. This helps avoid misunderstandings and fosters a sense of transparency within the team.

Building a strong remote working team takes effort but with a little creativity you’ll be well on your way to creating a team that feels more connected like a family. So get going, make those virtual connections and watch your team thrive in the digital landscape!

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