Could an admin audit help with your productivity?

Victoria Grant – VA Services recently completed an admin audit for a charity, but what does that actually mean, and can it really help?

This organisation approached Victoria Grant – VA Services as they had inherited a number of different systems over the years and each of the three members of staff had their own practices and systems and they recognised that this approach wasn’t the most streamlined and efficient, but didn’t have the time or expertise to look into all the processes themselves and decide on the best way forwards.

Quite often, when we have a job to do, we know there are things that could be put in place to make it easier, but honestly we just don’t have time to stop actually doing the work to put those things in place.

We went into the organisations offices and talked to the three members of staff about how they did things. We discussed their pain points and what would make their life easier. It was then time to really get into the systems that they used and understand why they used them.

It was clear that three different systems and three different ways of working was not the most effective way of working. There was also a lot of time wasted by manually inputting data when this process could be automated by using something like Google Forms.

We then produced a clear and easy to understand report with recommendations for systems to be used. We also helped with them with documents for implementing their GDPR policy with trustees. Once these recommendations are implemented this charity will be able to save time and money, work productively and effectively, and ultimately help more people.

If an admin audit could help your business, but you just don’t have the time to do it, then do get in touch.

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