5 steps to enjoying your freedom

Being a business owner can be hard. It’s a lot of work and responsibility to take on and sometimes it can feel overwhelming.

But when you outsource some of your tasks to a Virtual Assistant, you may find some new found freedom. Here are 5 steps to enjoying that freedom.

1. Decide what to outsource

This can often be the hardest part because you’ve been doing it all on your own. Having someone that can do it the way you want can seem impossible, but you’d be surprised how quickly a VA can get to grips with your working practices. Write a list of all the admin tasks that you currently do and highlight those that you would be comfortable outsourcing to start with.

2. Identify the right VA for the job

When you have identified the tasks that you want to outsource, you can begin your search for a VA that is an expert in those tasks. As well as this it’s important to talk to the VA to check that your personalities are a good fit. You are trusting this person with your business, you want to make sure you get on!

3. Establish clear expectations and goals for the VA’s work

Having clear expectations means that the VA knows exactly what to deliver, rather than them making an assumption about what you want. For instance, if you’re looking for 5 pieces of social media content per week but your VA delivers 3 you might be a bit cheesed off, but your VA thought they were doing a great job delivering 3 pieces of top quality content. Set your expectations to avoid this happening.

4. Set up a workflow that works for both parties involved

This about how you will communicate with your VA. Do you want a weekly phone call to schedule new work and see how things are going, or do regular WhatsApp messages work better? Maybe you need to share documents, will this be done through Google, Dropbox or something else? Have a workflow that works for both of you.

5. Stick with it!

Give it time. It will take some time and tweaking for you both to learn about each other and for you to get to grips with the capabilities of your amazing VA. If you stick with it, you’ll soon see the benefits of your new found freedom.

We hope that even if you’ve never considered hiring any help, these steps will give you the courage to start looking for a VA. There are many excellent VA’s out there, or perhaps you’ll consider using Victoria Grant – VA Services. It may sound intimidating at first, but once you get started, it will be difficult to stop.

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