Why you should get a Virtual Assistant: Reasons why you should get a VA as well as tips and tricks for working with one.

Running a small business is rewarding. It can sometimes be overwhelming. If you’re spending time dealing with admin and mundane tasks when you could be dedicating your time to growing your business, hiring a virtual assistant could be the best thing you ever do.

Virtual Assistants can help with a variety of administrative tasks such as writing emails, managing calendars, scheduling tasks, researching information online or anything else that can help you manage your business from afar.

Look at your VA as an investment. They will take the load off you and bring a fresh approach to your business which in turn could help it grow and increase your income.

Here are some tips for working with one:

Think carefully about what you want your VA to do. Think about what tasks you could delegate and how much time that would free up for you.

Tell your VA exactly what you want to achieve. Set clear guidelines and communicate exactly what you want not only helps your VA to know exactly what you need but will also save you time in the long run.

Set deadlines. It’s important that your VA knows your expectations and when work should be completed. Whether it be daily tasks or bigger projects.

When working remotely, it’s important that you both are working with the correct digital tools. Using platforms such as Google Drive, ClickUP and Dropbox will ensure ongoing productive teamwork.

All of these tips will help to build an effective relationship between you and your virtual assistant and ensure that it will be a rewarding one.

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