How to survive working from home

Working from home can have its advantages and disadvantages. You save time and money by not commuting to work or being distracted by other colleagues in the office. However, it can also be a lonely time and difficult to maintain motivation. Here are some tips on how to survive working from home.

Try to dedicate a specific space for work. It doesn’t have to be large but somewhere you can sit down and focus on work can make a big impact on your focus and attention.

Stick to regular meal breaks to avoid snacking from that nearby fridge and remember to stay hydrated. Having a bottle of water on the desk can help. Not only will this support your mental performance, but it will keep those hunger pangs at bay.

Try walking to work. Take a walk around the block before you start work and the same at the end of the day. This creates a clear divide between work and home.

Set yourself regular working hours. Write a weekly schedule and try to stick to it. Allow yourself to switch off when you are not working.  If you work with colleagues, share it with them. This can help you keep track of your projects but also let others know when you have ceased working for the day.

With limited face-to-face contact it’s important to keep up with relationships. Take a break from work and have a chat with friends or family. Check in with colleagues from time to time. Arrange to meet up or go for a coffee.

When motivation ebbs, think of those advantages of working from home. The time saved you can spend on yourself, like going to the gym, starting a new hobby or spending time with the kids. The money you’ve saved from not travelling to work.

These are just some of the tips that might just make you think more positively and help you survive working from home.

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