being a business owner can be lonely
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Being a Business Owner Can Be Lonely

So being a busy business owner can be fantastic, you’re your own boss. You get to design your work week however you like it around your personal life. Your days can go quickly because you’re busy and you’re using that passion that initially inspired you to start your business. But sometimes being a business owner can be lonely.

Especially if you are the only member of your team or you all work remotely. So that’s where you’ve got to remember to take time to look after yourself. This might be something as simple as planning in weekly slots for attending networking events where you can meet like-minded people, share ideas and insights into business and even create business contacts that may develop into potential clients. 

If you’re a small team who mainly work remotely, then plan in time to spend together catching up. For example we here at VGVA have a weekly online video catch up but we also have a monthly in person strategy day which enables us to really brainstorm ideas and spend some time together building your team. 

But what happens if you’re a single person team? Who do you brainstorm your ideas with? Is it a partner at home? A friend? When you’re deep within a project it can be very difficult to see the bigger picture, or outside of the box when you’re deep inside it. But this is where we might be able to help! Sometimes, it just takes offloading a little of the pressure off yourself to give yourself that breathing room and give yourself the clarity to move forward in a clear direction. 

Recently, we’ve started our Quick Fire Thursday sessions which are 30 minutes for £30! These short and sweet sessions are perfect for getting another pair of eyes on an issue or even having an impartial pair of ears helping to listen to your potential ideas and discuss options. Get in touch today and let’s get you booked in for one of these highly sought after sessions! 

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