The Working Mum’s Guide to a Successful Business: A blog about tips for running your own business as a mum.

Being a mum and running your own business can be a challenge. It’s hard work, but it is worth it.

It is important to remember why you wanted to start your own business in the first place and the benefits it brings you.

As a mum, you have to balance all the things you need to do for your family with the tasks that make up running your business. It can be hard to find the time and energy to do both, but there are ways to make it easier on yourself.

It is possible to enjoy being a mum and running your own business. Here are some tips for making it work:

Set boundaries – You are not going to be able to do everything, so set boundaries for yourself. Set boundaries around your time and make sure everyone knows what they are. This will help prevent any misunderstandings among family members or co-workers later on down the line!

Keep remembering your why – Why did you want this business in the first place? What benefits does having an income bring? Is it worth sacrificing family time? Remind yourself of the benefits that having a business brings you and your family. It may not be easy but if you managed to get through pregnancy and childbirth, then this will be easy by comparison!

Have goals in mind – This helps keep you focused on what’s important and prevents you from getting distracted from what needs doing next.

Have a plan for school holidays – The school holidays are often a time of dread for business-owning mums. 6 weeks with no school seems like an eternity, but it’s going to happen every year, so you might as well have a plan. Does your business allow you to take such periods off? Do you have the option of childcare on some days? Can you work around activities with your children?

Don’t forget about yourself – Recognise that you can’t do everything at once. If someone asks you to do something outside of work hours or outside of your usual working hours, check with them first before agreeing because this could mean a late night ahead of you if they don’t realise how busy you already are! Having someone else around who can help out with things like keeping up with admin tasks or even doing some social media management might just make all the difference between giving up altogether and allowing your business to thrive whilst you spend time being mum.

At the end of the day, there’s no doubt about it. Running your own business as a mum can be tough. But it may also be the best decision that you ever made. There are plenty of sacrifices to consider, but if you look hard enough, there will always be ways to make it all work out in the end.

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