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An organised mind is a calm mind

We’ve all found ourselves there, you seem to have lots on your mind that you are trying to focus on, additional tasks keep getting thrown at you from all directions and your normally calm demeanour begins to crack but theres some simple ways to prevent this unnecessary stress.

Each day set yourself 5-10 minutes at the beginning of the day to familiarise yourself with your task list and calendar for the day and come up with a rough plan. Have this noted down as a To-Do list you can tick off if you feel it may help.

Pick a particular area to focus on and work your hardest on getting that under control. For instance, you might put off particular tasks until the very last minute which naturally will make them seem more stressful. But once you’re more familiar with it the task won’t seem as daunting anymore.

If you begin to feel overwhelmed, take a step back and take a moment to relax. Practice some deep breathing or enjoy some fresh air and a temporary change of scenery. Once you mind is calm, you can identify one task only to focus upon first. Your brain was only designed to focus on one thing at once so don’t try and force it to do more.

Being organised is a skill and some are more naturally organised than others. But the good news is that organisational skills can be learned and developed. The more you practice good organisation the easier it becomes! You’ll be able to recall and share information more easily and your communication will become more informative. You’ll feel more confident and calmer too!

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