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Productivity Software Spotlight – Asana

Today’s productivity software spotlight focuses on To-Do lists! How do you track your to-do list? Is it completely in your head? Where no one else can access it? Do you find people have to keep bothering you to ask what they should be focusing on next? Or are you one of these people who have notes EVERYWHERE! So whether this is little scrappy bits of paper scattered across your desk or notes in the notes app on your phone. It was revealed on the television that Dermot O’Leary actually texts himself with reminders and to-do lists! (we’d maybe not recommend this one!) 

But have you ever explored a work management tool like Asana? Its slogan: ‘A Smarter Way To Work’ rings so true when you just look at the features it provides! 

You can see and track all levels of your organisation and spend less time updating your team in status meetings or having to give direction to team members. Asana organises work so teams know just what to do, when to do it and why it matters.

You are able to set up projects, break down the tasks within them and assign those tasks to individual team members. You can set goals and plans and track them within the platform that your whole team can see! 

We can’t sing Asana’s praises high enough for ensuring seamless collaboration between team members. It’s ideal when not every team member will be working on the same project at the same time but you can easily check in on tasks that need to be completed without having to bother anyone else!

Even better Asana has a free package ideal for individuals and small teams (of up to 10) looking to manage their tasks! 

If this sounds like something you’d love to implement in your business but the idea of setting it up is overwhelming! How about booking in for one of our Quick Fire Thursday sessions? These 30 minute sessions for £30 can be ideal for a quick overview of a new piece of software and we can get you off to a great start in optimising your productivity and clearing the mess off your current to-do list! 

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