How to market you business on social media

It seems to many that the way to get more eyes on your business and achieve more sales it is important to use social media and whilst this is true, it is not the whole story. Whilst having a social media presence is great, without a strategy, you could find that it just takes up lots of time with little return for your hard work. But the good news is that with a clear plan, and a bit of strategy, you can use social media as a key marketing tool and reap the rewards.

Ever piece of social media content you put out should have a purpose. That purpose could be:

  • lead generation
  • lead nurture
  • lead conversion

Each piece of content should meet one of these objectives. Once you begin writing your posts with one of these objectives in mind you will start writing with purpose and that purpose will lead to successful marketing.

Now that you have clarity over the intention of each post make sure you use strong and consistent branding. This will make your posts easily recognisable to your audience and they’ll know its a post that they want to stop and read.

Use you content to tell stories. Stories are relatable and stand the test of time. As you go about your week, create a story bank where you jot down things that happen, or thoughts that you might be able to use as a story on your social posts. Stories make people stop what they’re doing and pay attention so are a really powerful tool in your marketing strategy.

By including a call to action on every post you are guiding the audience as to what you want them to do. Try to lead with 80% value and then in the other 20% of the post include a call to action.

Social media is a powerful tool and with a coherent strategy can be a great place to market your business.

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