Effective Team Building Ideas for Virtual Businesses

With the world changing following a global pandemic, many businesses have not gone back to the office, opting for virtual working instead. Whilst there are many benefits to having your team working from home, it can sometimes feel disjointed and members of the team can become isolated. Here are some effective team building ideas for bringing your team together, even if they work virtually.

1. The Team Meeting

I hate having meeting for meetings sake, but if you are all virtual then this meeting might be the exception. Have a regular time where everyone is expected to join together. Share your wins with each other, find out what everyone did at the weekend, plan the week ahead. Whatever it is, be intentional about connection and make it a priority.

2. Coffee Breaks

If you were in an office environment there would be natural breaks built into the day; people making coffee, meeting in the corridor, passing each other’s desks. Is there a way for you to organise a virtual coffee break each day where for 10 minutes people can meet and chat socially?

3. Get Together

You can put in place a number of options for virtual gatherings, but sometimes there’s no replacement for an actual physical meeting. You could organise an annual team building day where everyone comes together to do a traditional team building activity. This connection will then go back with each individual into their virtual environment and your team will feel much more cohesive.

If you are a virtual team, then consider what additional ways to get everyone working together can be done. The virtual set-up can work effectively but don’t forget about connection; it can be done… even virtually!

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