Taking the leap working with a VA
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Taking The Leap to Working With A VA

Through conversations with clients past, present and potential clients we’ve gathered quite a few interesting insights into the factors that often come into play when it comes to making that leap to working with a VA (Virtual Assistant).

Firstly, a VA is quite a recent role to develop and gain prominence in recent years. Particularly when the pandemic highlighted just how much work can be done remotely. When people ask what I do for a living and I say a Virtual Assistant, I’m often met with a bemused look of confusion and the follow up question of what does that mean? 

One of our clients actually described us as a ‘Magic Admin Fairy’ that just helps sort out all the boring admin tasks in the background that suck such precious time away from her being able to focus on the fun bits of the business which is why she set up her business in the first place. 

Sometimes it just takes someone realising they’re at capacity without having the ability to grow and nurture their business. And that is where outsourcing some of your admin tasks can be so valuable to the growth and success of your business. By choosing a VA as opposed to hiring a permanent employee, you don’t have to worry about creating office space, paying national insurance and pension contributions because we cover all that ourselves. 

If all these factors are getting you interested in working with a VA but you need a little more convincing. How about booking one of our Quick Fire Thursday sessions? These 30min for £30 sessions are the perfect taster to working with a VA. Get an impartial set of eyes on one of those issues that have been pestering you for ages or how about a focus on one of your business processes and how we can optimise and make it more efficient? And once you see how magical our VA services really are, you can see where we can work together next!

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