Why I choose to be a Virtual Assistant

Being a Virtual Assistant isn’t an easy life, but I wouldn’t change it! Here’s why I choose to be a Virtual Assistant.

Help small business owners

As a Virtual Assistant, I can assist small business owners with many tasks that are outside of their scope of expertise, allowing then to concentrate more on their core business. By bringing these expertise and allowing the owner the space and capacity to work on other aspects of their business I have seen many businesses grow and develop. It’s exciting to be part of the journey with these clients, to share in their wins and to see the difference that they are making in their sectors.

Work with a variety of clients

I get the privilege of working with a wide variety of clients, which provides me with the opportunity to develop new skills and experience different work environments. This variety then helps me implement skills I’ve learnt elsewhere into a new clients business, rather than just coming with the skillset from one specific organisation.

Diverse skill set

The diverse skillset I have developed can really help! As a virtual assistant, I can provide services that the client might not have enough hours for, but also services that they do not have the skills for. This means that often business owners do not need to learn new processes, systems or software, but are safe in the knowledge that I have used it and can implement it in their organisation. I love the ability to be able to look at the business need and find a solution for them!

Enable work life balance

Another reason why I choose to be a Virtual Assistant is because it allows me to balance my personal and professional life by setting my own workload and schedule. This affords me the opportunity to spend more time with family and friends, as well as pursue other interests that I enjoy, such as being outdoors and walking.

Job satisfaction

One final reason why I choose to be a Virtual Assistant is because it provides me the satisfaction of knowing that I am making a difference to someone’s life. It gives me an opportunity to serve other in an area where they may need assistance. I love being able to support and see businesses thrive as a result.

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