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Using email newsletters to connect with your customers

Many small business owners are full of dread when it comes to the idea of writing an email newsletter, but it shouldn’t cause you any worry! Many people feel obligated to write a newsletter as they’ve been told it’s good for business, but they don’t believe it and you can tell when you read their newsletters. And this will lead to your readers becoming disengaged and less responsive.

People are busy, they might not see all your social media updates, but they opted into your email newsletter because they want to hear from you. So, let’s improve that newsletter!

  1. Stop thinking about what you’re selling and try to think about your customer. What problems are they facing? How can you help? It needs to be relevant and helpful to your customer. Sure, you can include offers but it needs to primarily link back to how it is going to help your customer.
  2. Make it easily digestible, how much time do you spend reading an email? Probably only a few seconds before you decide whether to read further or hit the delete button.
  3. Use a call to action and make it easy for your customer to engage with your newsletter!
  4. Write an attention-grabbing subject line, to make your audience open that email to see what it’s all about!

Rather than seeing your email newsletter as a chore, find the potential to use it as an exciting tool to connect with potential customers! Offer helpful tips, resources and products and you’ll see an improvement in your customer engagement and responsiveness!

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