Make Health A Priority

When asked if they should make their health a priority, most people would say yes. However, most of us do not! Work, family, household responsibilities, friends and family all normally take precedent and paying attention to your health often gets pushed to the bottom of the priority list. In life you only get one body so who is realistically going to take care of it if you don’t? You can make all the excuses about why you don’t prioritise your health but when you realise you are in control of changes you want to see it can be quite empowering! Be kind to yourself and implement those changes. This is not your practise life so live it to the max!

Consider this, crossing off every item on your to-do list doesn’t really matter if you’re sick, exhausted and depressed. If you make the effort to prioritise yourself and make self-care important to you then you’ll not only be healthier but you’ll better able to love and care for those around you!

  1. Make conscious efforts to include self-care into part of your daily schedule. Organise your schedule to fit in workouts, meditations and sleep.
  2. Make the short-term changes stick and transform into long term habits. Find things you enjoy so you look forward to and stick to them! Set attainable goals. Take it slowly, step by step and realise that even small changes over er time create big habits!
  3. Take a hard look at your environment. If your cupboards are full of junk food, you’re unlikely to choose to healthy snacks as they aren’t readily available. If most of the people you hang out with like to regularly go out heavily drinking but you want to reduce your habits, reduce the time you spend with them.

When you start to make it a priority to be healthier, a lot of elements of your life will naturally fall in line with achieving that goal. Start slowly, don’t let any setbacks dishearten you and begin to enjoy the journey to become a healthier you!

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